Meet the Creator

Christina Kristoffersson Ameln - Creator & Author

At the beginning of 2016, creator and author Christina Kristoffersson Ameln decided for personal and professional reasons to explore South-East Asia with her husband and two young children. It proved to be an amazing experience of new perspectives and life lessons for her and her whole family.

Christina decided children's books on travel and discovery would be a wonderful opportunity to share these corners of the world to all that enjoy, want to, and dream of discovering new places.

The angle of these discovery and travel books is to explore the world through the eyes of two young characters making them relatable to their audience of children and to parents who see the behaviour of their kids in these characters. 

Melissa Baker Nguyen

Aya & Bobby Discover Vietnam - IllustratorMelissa Baker Nguyen is the illustrator and graphic designer extraordinaire from Canada who has lived in Vietnam for the last couple of years. Her interest in Vietnam combined with her infectious humour and laughter has brought to life 'Aya & Bobby's' adventures in Vietnam.

Seonaid MacKay

Aya & Bobby Discover Thailand - Illustrator
For the 'Aya & Bobby Discover Thailand' book, partner in 'discovery' is illustrator Seonaid MacKay. Her background from the Glasgow School of Art and The Royal College of Art with her personal style of illustrations was the right mix to showcase the journey of 'Aya & Bobby'.

Seonaid loves travelling because it's exciting to go to new places and see how people live differently, all over the world.

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