Travel Stories From Their Buddies

Meet Valentina and her two daughters Rebecca (3 years old) and Emèlie (1 year old). She is a teacher and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Valentina loves reading books to her children about different countries, languages and cultures.

Scroll down to learn more about how these buddies of  'Aya & Bobby'  travel!

How is it to travel with your children?

It is a fun yet a very different experience altogether! The whole experience starts before go as we need to be so much more organised than when travelling alone. This preparation allows for a bit more breathing room for when things go either right or wrong when we are on the move. As my children are little, safety when travelling is a huge item on my priority list.

On arrival, we try to implement some routine, even in a new place. While these adventures might then sound predictable,  my children have a way of opening up to a new world that us adults often miss or have forgotten. Their eyes see the shiny new pebble, their ears hear the song of a bird, and they impart an infectious excitement when we are on our journey.

Travelling with kids may not be always easy but it is certainly fun!

What has been your favourite travel destination together?

We have travelled around in Sweden and also to my home country the Canary Islands. Tenerife has been our favourite destination so far. It was lovely seeing our kids get comfortable with a different culture, climate and environment. 

What has been your worst experience travelling?

Last time we travelled,  we had a bad experience when one of our kids got sick. We  ended up at the hospital and had to put her on intravenous drip. Looking back, we were lucky. The scenario can always be worse when dealing with illness, travel and young children.

What do you think of travel books for children?

I love the idea of travel books for children. Specially books written for them about countries, languages and cultures. 

It’s fantastic!

My children are trilingual. When I read to my children, I  notice my oldest daughter focus more on stories about different places especially places where she can speak the language. 

She is also at an age where she understands the concept of flying and travelling to new destinations. This means she really likes stories from the places she has visited or plans to visit...with us parents ofcourse!